American Acoustic Guitar Player
arranger, composer, vocalist

Greetings from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The pandemic is winding down but I've been unable to resume touring so I've been arranging, composing and finalizing new teaching projects for Truefire.com, which is a great company that produces video courses for guitarists and songwriters. 


I've had a great time breaking down my guitar techniques to make them accessible so other pickers, no matter what their skill level, can apply them to their own repertoire. I've created several Truefire video courses over the years and I think these new ones are my best yet. You can check them out on my Truefire page with the link below. 


I am excited to offer individual and masterclass lessons on a new teaching platform called Melophy!

It’s a great online venue for live sessions with multiple camera angles and note sharing.

We’ll be offering 20% off introductory lessons which I will tailor to your particular interests and needs.